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Pivot Grid - Powerful Analytics on Top of Your Data

by Simon, on September 26, 2018 | Topics:Features

One of the great features of Open as App is the automatic data analysis and dynamic charts generation on top of your list data:

pivot analyzer 2

Over the last weeks, we have worked on a new feature that lets you dive deeper into your data to find exactly the information you need! Our pivot grid feature is now in beta stage and can be accessed in our webclient/portal.

How it works:

This feature is available out of the box in all list-style apps. If you want to try it right now, use one of our list app, for example:!/client/app/4f60995a-c422-46e6-925c-8bcd74dbb0d7
pivot analyzer 1

pivot 1

This feature not only works with every list, but can also be used in our spreadsheet analyzer. Just select any detected list and you are ready to go.
This is simple out-of-the-box analytics on top of your data, intelligently made possible by our powerful Open as App data analysis.

Try now  

This is how it looks:

pivot 1-1


pivot 2


pivot 3


pivot 4





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