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Apps with photo upload

by Damian, on July 23, 2018 | Topics:Features

Integrate photo upload into your apps. This new feature is perfect for reports or documentations. 

The upload feature is easy to use.

Open your app, click on the scan button. Open as App will use your devices camera and upload the photo automatically to your app. You can add toggle menus and form fields to add more information. Click on send to upload your photo.


Add photo upload to your app.

Open your app or create a new app based on your Excel sheet for lead capture, documentation or else. Add a new cell and select image upload as content type in the editor. As a link to your Excel sheet you can choose any cell in an empty column. Now, you can edit the design and add further toggles or information which your Excel sheet contains. Your app could look like the app on the left hand side of our top image. 


Evaluate and view your report or documentation

To evaluate your leads open your lead capture app in the app portal. Go to advanced/manage data and click on "create app based on this data".


Your new app will automatically be displayed in the app portal. You can now change the design, the columns displayed and the style. And a list analysis dashboard is automatically added. 


 Your app could look like the app in our top image (middle and right hand side).


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